The Post-Study Work (PSW) visa in the UK, officially known as the Graduate Route, allows international graduates to stay in the country for a fixed period after completing their degree studies. The duration of the visa depends on the level of study:


  1. Undergraduate or Master’s Degree: International students who have completed an undergraduate or Master’s degree can stay in the UK for up to two years on a PSW visa.


  1. PhD: Students who have completed a PhD are eligible for a three-year PSW visa.


The Graduate Route is available to all students who graduate with a UK degree with a valid visa (Tier 4 or Student Route) on or after July 1, 2021. Eligibility is not restricted by subject area or nationality.


The cost of the PSW visa application is £715, and applicants are also required to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge for each year of their leave. The visa application process includes demonstrating financial capability to support oneself and any dependants


The Post-Study Work (PSW) visa in the UK offers several benefits to international students, including:


  1. Opportunity to work in the UK: The PSW visa allows international students to stay in the UK for up to two years (or three years for PhD holders) after completing their studies, giving them the chance to find work and gain valuable work experience in the country.


  1. Rights to work full-time and earn return on investment: The PSW visa route allows students to work full-time at any level of job at any company in the UK, which can be a key selling point on their professional profile to gain access to the UK job market.


  1. Chance to gain transferable skills: During their stay in the UK, international students can gain transferable skills that can be useful in their future careers.


  1. Opportunity to switch to other visa types: At the end of the PSW visa, graduates will have the chance to switch to other visa types if they fulfill the eligibility criteria from inside the UK.


  1. Great take-away to home country: A UK degree and work experience can be a great take-away for students who return to their home country, where potential employers can benefit from their world-class knowledge and skills.


  1. Extended time in the UK for postgraduate students: Postgraduate students can benefit from extended time in the UK to complete their studies and gain work experience.

Overall, the PSW visa provides international students with an opportunity to gain valuable work experience and skills in the UK, which can enhance their future career prospects.

Starting from January 2024, the UK has implemented new rules for international students regarding the Post-Study Work (PSW) visa and dependant visas. The main changes are:

-Dependant Visa Restrictions: International students will no longer be able to bring dependants on their student visa, except for those studying postgraduate research programmes. This change aims to discourage students from choosing the UK primarily for work opportunities instead of education.

– Switching to Skilled Worker Visa: Under the new rules, students will no longer be permitted to switch to a Skilled Worker Visa before completing their studies. This change is also intended to prevent students from using the student visa as a backdoor route to find work in the UK

– Proving Financial Capability: Students will be required to demonstrate that they can support themselves and their dependants financially. This requirement is likely to be part of the visa application process.

These new rules are designed to prioritize the educational aspect of international students’ stay in the UK and ensure that they complete their studies before seeking employment opportunities in the country.


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