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A destination unmatched in the quality of its higher education, Australia beckons the discerning student. With a collection of excellent universities and some of the most proactive governmental policies that govern intakes of international students, Australia is perhaps the most international student friendly destination globally.

Australia Counselling and Processing at Unifees:

Course Selection and PR Assessment

We help students select courses that are aligned with their previous studies and future goals. In addition, we provide an assessment of PR points with the course so that the student whose ultimate goal is gaining permanent residence (PR) in Australia is aware of how helpful a particular course will be with his or her PR application in the future.

SOP Training and Editing

The SOP is an important part of your application, and we ensure that you are aware of the best content to include in your SOP. We first put all our students through an SOP workshop that comprehensively reviews all the different sections of the SOP and then work with students to help them draft their SOPs section by section. Our counselors edit hundreds of SOPs every year and are experts at ensuring that every student’s SOP is the best possible SOP.

Admissions Application

Your application for conditional and unconditional acceptance is one of the most important parts of the entire journey. We ensure that your applications are complete and that no component required by the university is missing.

Financial Advice

It is always better to plan and arrange your finances well in advance. We work on presenting your financials as viable. With regard to student loans, we coordinate with various banks to ensure that your loan application is seamless and successful.

Visa Application Lodgement

Lodging a visa application is a complicated process but with the years of experience and exhaustive training our counsellors possess, we have a 100% track record with visa applications.

University/College shortlisting

We provide access to ALL universities in Australia and a wide selection of university and independent colleges. No matter which institution or location, rest assured that Unifees will assist you in applying to the institution of your dreams.

Pre-Departure Briefing

Get to know your obligations before you depart. Our pre-departure briefing is comprehensive to the point that you feel settled in even before you arrive!

On-Shore Assistance

Our association with you does not end once you arrive in Australia. Any assistance needed by you after arrival can be channeled to Unifees, and you can rest assured that we will provide prompt help for all your needs even after you begin studying at an Australian Institution.

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