CEO’s Address


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CEO's Address

A short message from the CEO of The Study Unifees, regarding the journey you are about to start.

Dear Students,

I am delighted that you have decided to read this message and in it, I will try to share some of the most valuable insights that I have gained over the years as an International Education Professional.

It is my firm belief that one must always look forward. No matter what you have done educationally till now, the most important thing is to start planning for the future. What you do from this moment onwards will decide what you will become in the future. Unwavering focus and relentless commitment are imperative in achieving your goals. The world is at its most competitive ever at this stage and to get ahead, you need every advantage. So don’t look back and just look ahead.

Formulate concrete goals and plans and take massive and consistent action to achieve these goals.

While doing the above, you also have to realise that you are your own most powerful resource. Harnessed effectively, this resource will ensure that all your goals are met and all your dreams are realised. The big mistake that many students make is to underestimate their own abilities. Realise that you are a unique individual with a unique intellect and utilized optimally, your skillset and intellect is more than enough to make you stand out in the community of international students.

A clear vision is the most important asset you can possess at this stage of your career. Clarify your career goals in the short term and the long term. Identify routes by way of courses and education providers that can get you to your goals. Categorise potential obstacles in your journey and formulate plans and strategies to deal with them. Lastly, always keep the end goal in mind to motivate yourselves.

I wish you all the best in your journey of self-discovery in International Education. Remember, that you always have a friend in me to turn to for advice and assistance. I take pride in my students’ achievements and eagerly await the day on which I will learn that you too have achieved something significant.

Till then, all the best for all your endeavours.

Anurag Mittal