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Take GRE classes from an instructor with 24 years of experience who has taught three generations of the GRE since 2000 A.D.

Overall, the GRE at Study Unifees is an exhilarating and formative experience that can help students achieve their graduate school goals.

Vocabulary for Verbal Reasoning:

Study Unifees instructors help you learn new words in a fun and engaging way.

Fun mnemonics make it easy to remember even the most difficult words, and exercises help you to understand how to use them in real sentences.

With Study Unifees, you will assimilate 500 new GRE words into your vocabulary in no time!

Text Completion and Sentence Equivalence:

Our Sentence Equivalence and Text Completion classes teach you how to answer these challenging GRE questions fast and accurately.

There is no partial credit on these questions, so you need to get your strategy spot on.  We comprehensively cover the most crucial skills, understanding transitions, recognising the relationships between componential parts of sentences and adopting the best process of elimination.  

Argument-Based Reading:

To solve Argument based Critical Reasoning questions, you need to understand the fundamental nature of arguments and paradoxes.

Once you have a solid understanding of arguments, inferences and paradoxes, you can learn the best strategies for solving different types of Critical Reasoning questions.

With practice, you will be able to solve these tough questions with confidence and verve.

Critical Reading Passages:

Study Unifees can help you solve short and long passages quickly and accurately.

Our classes will help you overcome the intimidation factor of these questions, so you can approach them with confidence and score well.

Solve no-partial credit questions with the confidence of a veteran and excel at the toughest questions on the GRE in no time!

Analytical Writing:

You’ll learn all the recurring patterns in Analysis of an issue and the most analytical perspectives to take with each pattern. You will also learn how to present a cogent, coherent and cohesive argument that addresses the prompt in its entirety. Also, Study Unifees brings you a sample response for each prompt in the entire pool of Analysis of an Issue essay topics.  


  • Student-Centered learning with the best lesson plans and resources.
  • Follow-up assignments and recaps are done daily so that no skills, once assimilated, are ever forgotten.
  • Unlimited practice material to ensure that you’re never short of resources and practice.
  • Full-length testing every week to ensure that your progress is monitored and remedial action taken as and when required.
  • Tech in the Classroom: Only Interactive boards are used.
  • Test Bank and Library: More than 10 books and 30 tests in soft copy for home practice.
  • Post-course support systems: You have access to the teacher (as per their Schedule) after the course and until your test date.


Our classes are rotational. This means that you can join on any day of the week and start your rotation (effectively) as soon as the next module begins.

GRE 360 @ Study Unifees:

Most Important Facts:

Duration: 8 weeks

Weekly Class Schedule: 1 hour of class every day from Monday to Friday.

Full-length testing occurs Every Saturday.

Fees: IRS 12,500/-

gre coaching in dehradun

Structure of the GRE

Section Number of Questions Time
Analytical Writing (One section) One "Analyze an Issue" task 30 minutes
Verbal Reasoning (Two sections) Section 1: 12 questions
Section 2: 15 questions
Section 1: 18 minutes
Section 2: 23 minutes
Quantitative Reasoning (Two sections) Section 1: 12 questions
Section 2: 15 questions
Section 1: 21 minutes
Section 2: 26 minutes

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