Cryptocurrencies & blockchains, easily explained

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In this course, Cryptocurrencies & blockchains, easily explained, you’ll learn about how this technology is changing the world and how to use it to enhance your life.
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Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey into the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchains? Our beginner-friendly course is exactly what you need. Discover important concepts often overlooked by mainstream media. Explore the fundamentals of digital finance, including how to navigate transactions with confidence and protect yourself from scams. Invest in yourself today! Access for 12 months

At the end of the course, you will

  • Understand how money has evolved, leading to cryptocurrencies
  • Be able explain how cryptocurrencies & blockchains work
  • Have explored the cryptocurrency ecosystem from theory to real world applications
  • Know how to safely buy, sell, and store cryptocurrencies
  • Know how to set up your own crypto wallet and transact with crypto in a secure way
  • Be able to identify crypto scams and how to avoid them
  • Be aware of the limitations of cryptocurrency & blockchain technology

Get 12 month access

Join a comprehensive course of over 5 hours on-demand content, 2 hours of live webinars, 25+ quizzes and activities, and a final exam.

Bite-sized lessons

Each unit below contains a combination of video and reading lessons. Each lesson can be completed in 3 to 7 minutes.

Test yourself

Throughout the course, you’ll be answering short multiple choice quizzes. Track your progress before your final exam.

Apply your skills

You’ll bring your knowledge to life during the many practical activities. Experience the world of crypto first hand.


Course Outline

01 – Understanding Money

Did you know that cattle and other livestock were used as some of the first forms of money thousands of years ago? Learn about how money has always changed as humans have evolved, the flaws in the current financial system, and how these flaws have led to the development of a new form of money – cryptocurrencies.

02 – Understanding Bitcoin
Banks are incredibly important institutions in the financial system. But as new, decentralised monetary systems like Bitcoin evolve, the role of banks will need to evolve too. We’ll take the first step in this evolution – understanding why Bitcoin exists and how it works.

03 – The History of Bitcoin
The financial crisis of 2008 sparked the growth of a multi-trillion $ cryptocurrency industry. Bitcoin may be the next evolution of money, but it wasn’t always smooth sailing! We’ll cover how Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin, the hundreds of millions of dollars that have been hacked from exchanges, Bitcoin Pizza Day and much more.

04 – How Crypto Wallets Work
If you don’t get this right, you could lose everything. Pay attention! Wallets store your crypto funds, and only you are responsible for keeping them safe. Each wallet is created from a seed phrase, which generates your wallet keys. Learn why you need to make backups, and why just one backup is never enough.

05 – Using Crypto Wallets
If you’re going to invest in crypto, you have to know how to keep your funds safe. Let’s have a look at the different types of wallets – paper, mobile, desktop and hardware wallets – and set some up. We’ll also show you how to recover your wallet in case you lose access to your funds.

06 – Transacting With Crypto
Can you see what happens behind the scenes when a transaction moves through the bank? No? Neither can we. But with cryptocurrencies, nothing goes unnoticed. We’ll show you how to send, receive and track a transaction from the instant it is initiated.

07 – Crypto Security and Avoiding Scams
Everyone knows a person that has been scammed. Smooth talkers, flashy cars, massive profits – that’s exactly what scams will show you. After this section, you’ll know how to spot a variety of scams and how to avoid them. We’ll also show you some best practice tips on how to navigate the world of crypto.

08 -Solving Real World Problems
Understanding how blockchain technology works is one thing, but applying it in the real world to solve problems is another. Here you’ll learn about the latest innovative ways companies are using blockchains to help benefit society as a whole.

09 – Feedback Questionnaire
We’re constantly adding new content to our course. Tell us what you’d like to learn about next, and what we can improve on.

10 – Course Recap
You’re just about ready to take the final exam! Congrats on making it to this point in the course. To help you prepare, we’ve created a summary of some of the important concepts along the way.

11- Final Exam
Pass the test and claim your victory! This is the final exam before you receive your certificate. Good luck!



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