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Canada Visa News – Canada Increases Fees for Student Status Restoration and New Study Permits

Canada has recently updated its fee structure for foreign nationals seeking to restore their status as students and obtain a new study permit.

Here’s a detailed overview of the changes:

  1. Fee Adjustment for Inflation: As of December 1, 2023, Canada has adjusted application fees for various immigration-related services, including the restoration of student status, to account for inflation. These adjustments, which follow the Service Fees Act, reflect the first such change since April 2018​​​​.
  2. Restoration and Study Permit Fees: The total cost for restoring status as a student and acquiring a new study permit is now CAD $379.77. This includes CAD $229.77 for restoring status and CAD $150 for the new study permit​​​​​​​​.
  3. Fee Breakdown: Previously, the restoration fee was CAD $200, and the fee for a new study permit was CAD $150, totaling CAD $350. However, with the recent adjustment, the restoration fee has increased to CAD $229.77​​​​.
  4. Annual Adjustments and Refunds: Canada plans to adjust these fees annually to match the rate of inflation. Additionally, if service standards are not met, applicants may receive partial refunds as per the Departmental Remission Policy​​.
  5. Additional Permit Fees: If foreign nationals require a work permit in addition to the study permit and restoration, they must pay additional fees. For example, the work permit fee is CAD $155, which would be in addition to the restoration and study permit fees​.

These changes impact foreign nationals, particularly students seeking to regain their status or return to Canada. The adjustment in fees reflects Canada’s ongoing effort to manage immigration services effectively while adjusting for economic factors such as inflation.

On December 1, 2023, the following application fees for foreign nationals applying to regain their status or return to Canada after being inadmissible will be adjusted for inflation in accordance with the Service Fees Act (SFA):

Changes to inadmissibility fees
FeeCurrent FeeNew Fee(December 1, 2023)
Authorization to return to Canada$400.00$459.55
Rehabilitation – Inadmissible on the grounds of criminality$200.00$229.77
Rehabilitation – Inadmissible on the grounds of serious criminality$1,000.00$1,148.87
Restore your status as a visitor, worker or student$200.00$229.77
Restore your status as a worker and get a new work permit$355.00$384.77
Restore your status as a student and a get a new study permit$350.00$379.77
Temporary resident permit$200.00$229.77

The recent hike in fees for restoring student status and obtaining a new study permit in Canada will have several implications for students. Here are five major points to consider:

  1. Increased Financial Burden: The most immediate impact will be the increased financial burden on students. The total cost for restoration and a new study permit has risen to CAD $379.77, which is a significant amount, especially for international students who are often already managing higher tuition fees and living expenses. This could deter some prospective students from choosing Canada as their study destination or pose a challenge for those already in Canada who need to restore their status​​​​.
  1. Budgeting and Financial Planning: Students will need to reassess their budgets and financial plans to accommodate these increased fees. This might mean allocating more funds towards immigration-related costs, potentially at the expense of other aspects of their education or living expenses. Proper financial planning will become even more crucial for international students in Canada​​​​.

These points highlight the broader economic and social implications of such policy changes on the international student community in Canada. The increased costs not only affect individual students but could also have wider repercussions on the attractiveness of Canada as a global education destination.

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