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Top highest-paying part-time jobs for international students in the USA in 2024

Imagine yourself on a thrilling adventure – studying in the USA! But alongside the excitement comes the reality of managing living expenses. Fear not! 

Part-time jobs play a pivotal role for international students studying in the USA. They provide not only financial support but also valuable professional experience. However, finding high-paying part-time opportunities in 2024 can be challenging. Let’s delve into the critical aspects of this topic and how international students can overcome these challenges.

part-time jobs

Understanding part-time jobs opportunities in the USA

The USA offers a dynamic job market with a wealth of opportunities for everyone, including international students. However, it’s important to note that legal regulations, such as the F-1 visa, dictate the number of hours you can work (usually up to 20 hours per week during school and full-time during breaks). 

The key is finding a well-paying job that fits your schedule without jeopardising your studies. Balancing work with academics becomes paramount, requiring careful planning and time management.

How to find part-time jobs as an international student?

  1. Utilize University Resources
  • Most universities have dedicated career centres that offer services like resume building, job search assistance, and interview preparation.
  • Take advantage of career fairs and networking events hosted by your university to connect with potential employers.
  1. Check Online Job Boards
  • Regularly check general job websites like Indeed, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor for part-time job listings suitable for students.
  1. Tap into Alumni Networks
  • Reach out to alums working in your field of interest for advice, mentorship, or potential job opportunities.
  1. Consider On-Campus Jobs
  • Many universities offer on-campus job opportunities such as library assistants, research assistants, or administrative roles.
  • On-campus jobs often provide flexibility and understanding of student schedules.
  1. Be Persistent and Patient
  • Finding a job takes time and effort, so don’t get disheartened by rejections or setbacks.
  • Stay persistent, keep applying, and maintain a positive attitude throughout your job search journey.
  • Barista

Baristas are the maestros behind the espresso machine, expertly brewing coffee and transforming it into art. With precision and creativity, they master latte art and infuse each cup with joy. As a barista, you’ll create memorable experiences for customers, one sip at a time.

  • Wage: $15/hr
  • Research Assistant

Research Assistants are the ultimate research partners, assisting professors with data collection, analysis, and literature reviews. This could be your perfect gig if you’re detail-oriented and enjoy exploring research topics in depth.

  • Wage: $14.75/hr
  • Language Tutor

Do you love your native language or have another language under your belt? Share your language expertise as a Language Tutor! All you need is fluency and a passion for teaching.

  • Wage: $14.00/hr
  • Freelance Writer/Translator

Freelance Writers and translators are in high demand. You can provide writing or translation services to companies or individuals.

Strong writing skills and fluency in another language are essential qualifications here.

  • Wage: $13.50/hr
  • Campus Tour Guide

Channel your inner campus ambassador and become a Campus Tour Guide! You’ll lead tours for prospective students and their families, showcasing the best of your university. This role is perfect for someone with excellent communication skills and an in-depth knowledge of the campus.

  • Wage: $13.25/hr
  • Social Media Manager

Social Media Managers manage social media accounts for businesses or organisations, creating engaging content and interacting with followers. This role typically requires a knack for social media and content creation.

  • Wage: $13.00/hr
  • Virtual Assistant

Those who excel at organisation and computer proficiency should become virtual assistants. Virtual assistants provide remote administrative and technical support to clients.

  • Wage: $12.97/hr

What can you earn as an international student studying in the USA?

Federal regulations allow F-1 visa holders to work on campus for up to 20 hours per week during school.

The good news is that on-campus jobs often pay more than the federal minimum wage, currently $7.25 per hour. This means you could earn over $145 per week (before taxes), which can significantly help with living expenses, especially when combined with scholarships and intelligent budgeting.

Limitations for international students

So, when it comes to working part-time as an international student, there are some important rules to follow. Basically, if you’re on an F-1 visa, there are limits to how much you can work off-campus. That’s where things like Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and Optional Practical Training (OPT) come into play. CPT is a program that allows you to work in your field of study during your academic program, while OPT is a program that will enable you to work in your field of study after you graduate. To apply for CPT or OPT, you’ll need to follow specific procedures and meet certain eligibility criteria, which you can learn more about on the official website of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Follow all the rules and regulations. That means staying up-to-date on immigration policies and ensuring you’ve sorted out all the proper paperwork. 

Get! Set! Go!

In conclusion, International students can unlock lucrative opportunities that support their studies and future career goals by understanding the landscape, leveraging personal skills, and utilising strategies for finding and securing jobs. 

Explore your options, pursue opportunities that align with your interests, and remember with hard work and a proactive approach, you can unlock a rewarding work experience that supports your academic journey.

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