Attend Global Edufest 
Education Fair

On 06th April 2024 At Centrio Mall Dehradun
From 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Unlock Your Passport to Success with Study Unifees

Welcome, DIT University Students! Ready to explore a world of opportunities? Join us at the Global Education Fair, your gateway to a future without boundaries.

Unlock Your Global Education Dreams at the Dehradun Global Education Fair! Brought to you by Study Unifees, this fair is your one-stop destination to connect with top international universities, gain invaluable insights, and take the first step towards your global academic aspirations. Don't miss out on this transformative journey!

Key Features:

  • Direct interaction with the representatives of 20+ foreign universities.
  • FREE Career counseling from experts
  • On-spot offer letters by foreign Universities
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Scholarship opportunities in foreign Universities
  • Insights on Some Crucial Topics

Event Highlights

Meet Over 20+ Universities

Interact directly with over 20 prestigious university representatives from the UK, USA, Ireland, Canada, Singapore, Germany, and Dubai, all gathered under one roof. Your global education journey begins here

On-the-spot Admission Opportunities

With 10,000+ Courses at Your Disposal, Transform the World into Your Classroom. Embrace the vast possibilities, explore boundless horizons, and unlock your ultimate potential.

Choose from 10,000+ Courses

With 10,000+ Courses at Your Disposal, Transform the World into Your Classroom. Embrace the vast possibilities, explore boundless horizons, and unlock your ultimate potential. The journey to greatness starts here

Education Loan Assistance

Unlock Your Global Education Dreams with Affordable Education Loans

Meet 20+ Universities from

Participating Universities

Top Courses

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Diploma in Language Studies
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Honors)
  • MBA
  • Bachelor of Information Systems
  • Civil Engineering with Architecture (Honours)
  • Short courses in IT, Data Science, Medicine & Design
  • Biotechnology (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Data Science & Decisions
  • Civil Engineering (Honours)
  • MS Health Data Science
  • M.Com./B. Com
  • MS Pharmaceutical Medicine
  • Master of Analytics Cyber Security
  • Master of Information Systems Management
  • B.Com./Bachelor of Media (PR & Advertising)
  • Bachelor of Commerce / B.Sc. (Computer Science)
  • Bachelor of Science (Advanced Mathematics) (Honours)
  • Master of Engineering Science (Petroleum, Nuclear, Energy) & MORE

Purpose of the Education Fair

Exploring Opportunities: Provide students with a platform to explore a diverse range of educational opportunities, including academic programs, scholarships, and extracurricular offerings.

Scholarship Opportunities: Highlight scholarship and financial aid opportunities, making higher education more accessible to a broader range of students.

Networking and Engagement: Facilitate direct interaction with representatives from universities, allowing students to network, ask questions, and gain insights into the admissions process.

Informed Decision-Making: Empower students with information to make informed decisions about their academic futures, considering various institutions and programs.
Career Pathways: Showcase the relevance of education to future career paths, helping
students align their academic pursuits with their professional goals.

Global Exposure: Introduce students to international educational options, fostering a global perspective and awareness of different academic cultures.


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